Getting Started

SetMyPace is currently available for Apple devices only.  Search the App store for SetMyPace, it’s free to try.  After 14 days you will not be able to add workouts or intervals unless you buy the app (99 cents).

Once installed, it comes with three workouts for illustration purposes.  If you happen to know and do the NY Times seven minute workout, then you might be able to use it right away, but generally the app is designed so that you can create your own workouts.

If you want to set music at the workout and/or interval level, then you need to configure music, by selecting either Spotify or Apple music in the settings menu..  We are considering other music services, and will build other integrations based on demand. If you would like to use SetMyPace with other music services, please send an email to

Settings – Music Service


Settings – Workout Defaults

Setting these before creating a workout can save you time.  All workout properties are editable during creation, these are just defaults.  If you are creating a workout with mostly 1 minute intervals, and 30 second rest periods, set the defaults here to 1 minute and 30 seconds respectively.  Then later if you are creating workouts with longer intervals, you can change them again.  You can always change it as needed during the workout creation, its just a convenience to be able to change the defaults on new.

Play Music (on/off):

Each workout can have music playing or not.  The on/off toggle here will set it accordingly, whenever you create a new workout.  You can always change it on the workout.  You can set a default playlist, and whether to shuffle or play the list in order (if off).  These can be changed during create workout, these are just defaults.

Metronome on/off and last X Seconds:

If metronome is on, it will start a countdown timer for you at the end of each interval.  The timer will start ticking with 10 seconds left in the example below.  You can put in whatever time you want as a default, and change it in the workout.  It will play with the music if music is playing.


Coaching on means read (Siri voice) the Interval Name and Description aloud at thebeginning of each interval.






The opening screen is below.  You can click one of the workouts, to run or edit it, or click the plus sign near the bottom to add a new one workout.  Or click the menu icon in the upper left and open settings.

Home Screen

Workout Details:  when you click on a workout, you can adjust individual settings, start the workout, or edit the workout.