FAQ 3 Blocks


We almost always listen to music when we workout.  We have several “gym” or “run” or “spin” playlists that we put on random during our workouts.  We’ve also tried ordering them, but that didn’t work out, because our workouts, energy levels and mood vary.  We like hard rock or jam music when we’re pushing, and slower music when we’re recovering, warming up or down or stretching, but the playlist never matches up with what we’re doing so we have to scroll through, which is inconvenient at best during most workouts.  This app fixes that.  For example, 15 to 20 minutes into a stationary bike ride we might increase the level and dig in for some sprinting.  We have found we always ride harder and faster and longer with the right music.  The same applies when we run, or use any other machines.  We even warm down and stretch longer with the right music.  The SetMyPace app lets us easily design the workout, including the music at each interval.  It’s a stupid simple thing, that really helps us enjoy our workouts more and workout harder and smarter.

Order and Pace

We like to vary what we do, especially the pace and music; it’s more interesting and challenging.  Sometimes its just a quick Scientific 7 Minute Workout, but we usually modify that as well, adding time or reps or other exercises.  We don’t need anyone or anything to tell us how to do a plank, or jumping jacks, or any of that detail, but we would like to adjust the amount of time we spend and the music.

We usually rotate what we’re working on, lower body, upper body, core, aerobic, etc.  We have to mix it up or we get bored.  The app lets us design what we want, how we want it.

Will SetMyPace Show Me How to do Exercises or Workout?

No, absolutely not.  There are many many websites and other apps that will teach you how to exercise.  We do not have videos, or pictures, or anything like that.  The app is for people who know what they are doing; they just want to change the pace, intervals and music while they are doing what they already know.  Weight lifting reps, aerobic work, squats, whatever you want.  We focus on the when, how long, and to what music, not the how.  We leave that to you, either with a personal trainer (recommended), or your own research.